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About Us

Meet the founder, Tara Yarbrough

I grew up in a humble household in Missouri. 
My family valued God, a strong work ethic, and hospitality. 
Naturally, my first job in high school was in the hospitality industry. 
As an observer of all of the different types of guests coming and going, their transient lifestyles, stories, and inspiration fascinated me. 
My work in the hotel industry ignited my passion for the customer experience. I love serving others and going the extra mile - it is a form of love.  
Ever since college, I have worked in some form of retail, and I learned how to source items and serve customers in a personal way. I have always valued the direct relationship with my customers. 

In 2013, I left traditional retail to try something different and accepted a position with a marketing and loyalty company.  The move was incredibly rewarding.  I learned new skills and experienced a different side of retail beyond operations.  I spent six years supporting marketing which provided a valuable perspective of the behind the scenes efforts of traditional retail. 

Meanwhile, I've always had an entrepreneurial spirit and a desire to start something of my own.  My husband and I knew that Eureka Springs was a place where we wanted to be, but in what capacity was always the question. Surprisingly, a retail location came available in the perfect location, and the details seemed to fall into place easily. We took the leap with blind faith, support from our family and close friends, and oodles of positivity.  Once we made the decision, it was easy to create our approach; share our “Favorite Things” surround them with local art and pottery and ensure an unparalleled customer experience.
Thus, Silver Maple Market was born in November of 2019, and we opened our door in February 2020.  
I’ve always been a believer in putting forward BIG effort for BIG rewards, and I’m thrilled to share Silver Maple Market with you!  I’m obsessed with selecting quality products that are interesting, unique, and price approachable. I look forward to the adventure ahead, learning about our customers and Eureka Springs, and living my best retail life.